Greetings from your cookie healer. My name is Yolanda aka Araba (I was named Araba Esoun in October 2017 at a Ghanian Naming Ceremony. It means Tuesday born and the bearer of many children and high guidance to the youth). I am a native of Nashville and currently reside in Memphis, Tennessee. I have been plant based vegan for 4 years and as a result have maintained a 90 pound weight-loss. During this journey I have always had a sweet tooth and after transitioning to vegan, it seemed like the options for vegan sweets are limited and when you mix healthy and nutritious its almost to none.

Araba's Sweet Spot are delicious+nutritious cookies and birthed out of a sweet tooth desire with intentions of zero white flour and white sugar. Family, when life throws you long and challenging days, create. Stay with me for a second... Araba's Sweet Spot birthed out of a long, restless day. This Tuesday was filled with mishaps, mini anxiety episodes and a desire for a reset button, topped with something sweet. I remember getting off and heading straight to the local grocer, pacing and feening for a sweet treat that would satisfy my sweet tooth, while simultaneously keeping the inches off... because health and wellness goals. Needless to say, the organic aisle failed me. Or did it? 30 minutes later, spirit whispered, “Yo, create what you’re searching for.” With brief research, free-style measurements with wholesome ingredients including spelt flour and coconut sugar and a few batches later...Araba's Sweet Spot, first line of sweets were birthed- the signature vegan chocolate chip cookie. 

We've received raving reviews for our vegan chocolate chip cookies with comments like "These are delicious, are you sure these are vegan?" or "Its the perfect balance and not too sweet." and I cant forget.. "I love the coconut flavor, and typically don't care for coconut!" I am confident in this product and have reviews from the youth to the elder to prove it.

Be sure to savor yourself, and support your local cookie healer and purchase a dozen today!